HR Consulting

Family Owned Business Advisory

Many of the best performing companies in India, today, are family-owned. They have long-term vision and are a major growth driver in the economy. Family businesses are both strong and unique but they are also more complex. Despite their strengths and economic significance, they face some unique challenges.
Potential sources of discord among family members; generational transitions; major investment decisions; appropriation of profits; leadership appointments are some of the major sources of conflict in family businesses. The consequences of such disputes can be catastrophic for the business.
At S & S Associates, our Family Business Advisory Team is dedicated to working with family businesses - large and small - to envision the future and achieve your goals and those of your family. Whatever your business, we can help facilitate the creation of family governance structures that achieve sustainable long term success.

India Entry Strategy:

Typically the decision to enter the India market gets taken based on inputs from Strategic Research /Consulting partners, Legal Advisors and an organization's own linkages. S&S Associates assist organizations that are seeking a new market in India and drive research on the following parameters:
  • Mapping of potential customer geographies.
  • Mapping of competition by location, size, and competitive advantages
  • Mapping of government policies for target states
  • Listing of all related laws and compliances that would be needed for business activity
  • Assessment of availability of required manpower and compensation and benefits practices

Once the client is past the decision point, the issues move into the Operational realm viz:
  • Getting the appropriate legal and investment vehicle
  • Registrations and compliances with various bodies.
  • Scaling up of startup offices and their locations
  • Identifying the start-up team and transition teams
  • Hiring the key team and inducting them into the global organization culture

Strategic HR Consulting

While large global and Indian organizations have their internal HR organizations, SME s do not find it cost competitive to do so. The Manpower risk assessment roles devolve on the CEO's / Entrepreneurs who are under perpetual time pressure.
S&S Associates step in and effectively provide outsourced CHRO services on strategic issues on a retainer basis. This involves:
  • benchmarking existing talent,
  • identifying gaps and training needs,
  • preparing roadmaps for development of high potential employees,
  • building safety nets to retain critical talent,
  • projecting future talent requirements by skillset based on business and strategic plans.

We also provide talent mapping, integration assessment (compensation and cultural) services for M&A activities.