Organizations depend upon capable leadership to guide them through the minefield of unprecedented changes. Yet some of the best and most respected organizations are unable to adapt to change, implement their strategic plans successfully or prepare for a more uncertain future. The ensuing turmoil that we observe has a direct link with the quality of leadership.
S & S Associates aim at helping senior leaders and teams of an organization to achieve unprecedented levels of performance through ensuring that the right executives are in the right roles and by offering developmental recommendations to ensure future leaders are prepared for the challenges ahead.


Our Assessments services are particularly effective in situations relating to mergers or acquisitions, changes in senior management, succession planning, and identification of senior executive development needs.


The various Assessment Services include:

Individual assessments: Assessments are used to help individuals gain self-awareness, and to provide information that allows the organization to identify talent that is a good fit with available positions. Our leadership assessments combine the best of traditional approaches (such as competency based assessment and thorough referencing) with expertly structured personal interviews to identify the executive's personality traits, and the underlying attributes that will predict future development and performance in new and more demanding executive roles.
Organizational Assessments: On the organizational level, assessments determine how the organization and its leaders are performing, or the impact of development activities on business results. We work with CEOs who want to move from good to great by broadening and optimizing the quality of insights available, and with organizations that have great internal successors in place, but want to ensure their teams develop far enough and fast enough.
Team-based Assessments: Many organizations cite the inability of their executives to work together in teams and across boundaries as a major obstacle to success. We help to assess and work with your teams to understand how the executives in them perform on a variety of dimensions. Our aim is to ensure that we create a shared understanding of where they are today and how they might enhance their joint performance even further.